Should Music Videos Have Ratings Like Games And Movies?

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The Pros And Cons of Rating Music Videos
Although some YouTube videos allow uploaders to disable commenting, you will not find this feature for rating videos with a thumb’s up or a thumb’s down. This is YouTube’s way of engaging fans in every music video. This same feature is also applied to Vimeo and Instagram posts. The main reason for this feature is to allow users the ability to participate as they watch videos. Although this may seem irrelevant at first Read the rest of this entry…

Old School Rap Vs. New School Rap: Is Hip Hop Trading Quality For Quantity?

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There is no doubt that the quality of hip hop music has suffered at the expense of cranking out a greater quantity of songs. Old school hip hop artists spit lyrics filled with similes, metaphors, and other features of lyrical poetry timed to a precise beat and centered on tight rhyme schemes. While new hip hop artists have not completely abolished the wit that many older groups, such as Run DMC, have displayed, it certainly has diminished. Newer artists essentially play Read the rest of this entry…

Top Five Most Popular Rap Songs By Indie Artists

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Discovering new artists and making use of the many ways you have to experience and enjoy their music is an important concern for many fans. Listening to the same old rap songs, albums and artists can quickly become stale, and may find many fans unsatisfied with their available music selection. Discovering new music and learning more about the independent artists that may have escaped your notice until now can provide you with the chance to Read the rest of this entry…

Top Five Most Popular Rock Songs By Indie Artists

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Rock is still as alive as ever, and here are some songs that might be able to prove that. These songs have all been played on college radio stations and many of them have been proven to be awesome.

5. “Out of the Darkness” by A Sound of Thunder — A band that really has style and grace, this band takes influences from four decades of rock and combines it into one sound.

4. “Go Right Ahead” by The Hives — This might have had to do with the album being 5.00 on Amazon but it has a similar sound Read the rest of this entry…

Top Five Most Popular Pop Songs By Indie Artists

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Who doesn’t love Indie Pop Music? Can you remember discovering Nirvana and wondering where they had been your whole life? Emerged in the 80′s and stronger than ever in 2011! Whether you prefer to listen to your favorite Indie music in the comfort of your home, on your hand held music player while enjoying your workout routine, via satellite radio or steaming online–the classics will remain:

Top Five Most Popular Pop Songs By Indie Artists

1. About a Girl-Nirvana
2. I Will Love You-Fisher
3. C’mon C’mon-The Von Bondies
4. New Slang-The Shins
5. Read the rest of this entry…

Top Five Most Popular Love Songs By Indie Artists

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Love songs are definitely what most love to listen to because it either brings back memories or gives them memories about what they currently have. Though many people listen to all genres of music, love songs can be heard in any genre simply because it is a subject that everyone can relate to. With so much music being released today it is hard to pick which songs are really good to listen to so most people just go by what they hear on the radio. There are so many other songs and groups out Read the rest of this entry…

Are Singers Getting Lazy From Using Autotune?

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Singers are definitely getting lazy using Autotune software. It was something that was unique and creative when Roger and Zapp created the sound. It was even welcomed when Blackstreet came on the scene with Teddy Riley to revisit this form of music alteration.

Rappers also embraced it when T-Pain took over the show with this voice box choruses that wrote another chapter in the Autotune handbook. It was only a matter of time, however, where Read the rest of this entry…

Great Music Venues Around the Country

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More and more people are getting their music online whether it’s over mobilebroadband4g.com internet or through the speakers of a smartphone. If we had it our way people would be back in the clubs listening to live music night after night so if you get the urge, try one of these hotspots:
1. The Fillmore: Located in awesome music city San Francisco, the Fillmore has some of the best bands in one of the quaintest and Read the rest of this entry…

The Best Song Editing Software For Beginners

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The best song editing software for beginners does not require the user to pay a lot of money. The the open source movement means a person who wants to get high quality software does not need to spend any money at all. The best software for beginners needs to present the material in a way that is friendly to the new user. The new user should be clear about what he wants, though. Song editing Read the rest of this entry…

Best Places to Buy Used Drum Sets

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A struggling band can save money by purchasing a used drum set. A parent can save money by doing the same thing. The motivation of the parent is often to avoid spending a lot of money, especially if he does not know if a child will stick with the instrument. The band simply may not have the money to afford new equipment. Professional quality instruments are expensive. The best places to get drum sets for both types of consumers are from music Read the rest of this entry…

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